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Yangon City & Café Hopping

Once you’ve seen Myanmar’s many, many alluring sights and ancient temples, you would probably start to feel exhaustion catching up to you. So instead of trying to cram as much as possible in your day-to-day itinerary, why not take a chill pill and explore the things Yangon city has to offer?

Café Hopping In Yangon City

Ideally, hipster cafés are the best spots to wind down or get your daily dose of caffeine in, regardless of the country you’re visiting. And Myanmar is no different in this regard.

Off the top of the list, Craft Café is a coffee house in the heart of the city which offers a homey affair and an equally delightful spread of dishes — with both a local or otherwise international flair.

For instance, Craft Café offers a whole host of familiar Southeast Asian dishes like Kaya toast, laksa, chicken rice, and soft-boiled eggs. Along with that, you should also expect the standard café fare like burgers and eggs benedict. As for their coffee menu, Craft’s coffee comes from locally sourced Myanmar beans, along with beans from its surrounding regions.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more authentic Burmese café with a pinch of international flair, Café Salween is where you want to visit during your trip to Yangon city. This particular café is a hit among locals and tourists alike, and it’s definitely easy to see why.

At the core of this café lies a Burmese-inspired eatery that has also successfully integrated European-style food into its menu — thus offering a harmonious fusion which meshes well with the palates of the locals and its international patrons. More specifically, you’ll find a wide variety of fusion cuisines here such as Kachin chicken pasta, Shan pasta, Laphet (tea leaf) chicken pasta, and more.

As far as choice of coffee offered by Café Salween, the coffee shop cum local restaurant serves an extensive menu ranging from the classic café offerings such as cappuccino, latte, piccolo latte, etc. Whereas, unique blends of coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Colombia, Indonesia, and even beans from the Shan Hills in eastern Myanmar round off a most impressive coffee menu.

After all the coffee, bagels, waffles, pasta, and generally stuffing yourself silly, perhaps you could even attempt to burn off some of those extra vacation calories by taking a slow stroll around the city centre.

It is here that you’ll find the 2,000-year old Sule Pagoda smack dab in the middle of downtown Yangon (trust us, you won’t miss it). The marvellous millennia-old structure is placed in an important spot in the city where contemporary life in Asia mixes in with the local Burmese politics, ideology, and tradition — creating a unique atmosphere you’ll only find here.

Also, you’ll find a lively and vibrant crowd congregating around the pagoda, with droves of colourful visitors exploring and searching for that all-important angle for a picture-perfect Instagram shot.

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