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Why Lapland, Finland?

If you’re ever fortunate enough to be spending the most festive time of the year abroad, you may as well go all out and visit Santa while you’re at it.

No, you don’t have to traverse to the ends of the Earth to visit the fabled Christmas figure. Instead, you may want to plan a trip to visit the Finnish village of Rovaniemi — the capital of Lapland — to spend your Christmas holidays.

The Home of Father Christmas

According to the local folklore, the village is the hometown of Father Christmas himself. But while Father Christmas and Santa Claus may not necessarily be the same person, the idea of spending Christmas in a quaint and cosy town is still an alluring prospect — particularly during these troubling times we’re all facing.

Known to the world as Santa’s Village and Rovaniemi by the locals, the small town offers plentiful Christmas-themed activities that you’d come to expect from a remote locale in the Arctic Circle.

Case in point, the always-enchanting Northern Lights strewn across the skies of Lapland is one such experience that you’ll only get to see in very few places on Earth. But other than that, there are theme parks and ski resorts to keep yourself occupied as you enjoy the light snowfall of the town. 

Oh, and interacting with the wildlife here is also a highlight in Rovaniemi. The adorably chunky Huskies drawing sleighs offer a charming time, whereas getting up close with the majestic reindeers will surely invoke a sense of giddy among animal lovers. 

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