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Not Your Typical Winter Wonderland

The Christmas season may be a long ways away, but the time is certainly ripe for some advance travel planning!

For many, the dream of experiencing a winter white Christmas is merely that — a lofty dream. Though these days there is a multitude of commercial airlines that have made international travel much more accessible to all the wander lust-chasers out there.  

But instead of your typical winter wonderland, why not take the off the beaten path to visit some fascinating yet relatively unknown destinations not particularly known for the winter experience. 

On top of this proverbial list is Japan’s own version of the Alps.

The Magical Japanese Alps

While not as widely well known as the world-famous Swiss Alps, the Japanese Alps are still some of the best snow-capped mountains to visit come Christmas time.

And though the name Japan doesn’t typically evoke a vision of Christmas, the Land of the Rising Sun is indeed the birthplace of a rather one-of-a-kind Christmas experience.

In particular, the northern region of Japan and its Alps is home to some of the heaviest snowfalls in the world, especially during long and cold winter months. This winter period usually falls at the tail-end of the year — over the Christmas and New Year’s time. It is during this time that winter tourism starts picking up and you may find droves of tourists trudging through the thick snowfields to get up to some skiing.  

As far as famous mountain ranges go, the Japanese Alps encompasses the Hida, Kiso, and the Akaishi Mountains. 

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