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Not Your Traditional Nasi Lemak Business

As a dish, nasi lemak is a particularly popular cuisine that has been incorporated in almost every viral food trend in recent memory. You could nasi lemak burgers, nasi lemak sushi, nasi lemak ice cream, and even a nasi lemak cake plastered all over social media at the height of the put-nasi-lemak-in-everything craze.

In this spirit, Nasi Lemak Ka.Fir has come up with yet another variation to the traditional Malay cuisine — Nasi Lemak Babi. 

Nasi Lemak Ka.Fir

Launched in 2019 by a Malaysian trio, Nasi Lemak Ka.Fir is a food delivery service which makes and delivers their signature dish, Nasi Lemak Babi. The company has received much positive response since its inception, selling close to 100 boxes of its controversial version of the classic Malaysian cuisine daily.

The main dish features everything you’d expect from a plate of nasi lemak — but the twist being the addition of roasted pork offering a non-halal twist to the traditionally halal dish.

The idea for this unusual variation came about when the trio was trying to come up with an idea for a unique online brand with a very playful and casual tone — and Nasi Lemak Babi was a natural fit to them at the time.

Beginning with a mere RM500 capital, the food delivery startup broke even in its first month thanks to massively positive reception from their customers. This meant that the team was then able to move their central kitchen to the heart of Klang Valley to better cater to their ever-increasing customer base.

The team themselves didn’t actually expect to gain this much traction and attention in such a short amount of time (they’ve attributed their initial success to the controversial nature of their business, a plus according to the team) and had difficulty in keeping up with the explosive growing demand.

Of course, other than their main nasi lemak dish, the team is always on the lookout for other forms of monetisation including trying to merchandise and diversifying their brand. 

As for future plans, Nasi Lemak Ka.Fir plans to enter the local frozen food market as they believe that frozen food will be seeing a massive uptick in demand, and this strategy will also play a vital role in its forthcoming regional expansion.

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